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7 Essential Stock Market Tips For Newcomers

Stock Marke TipsIf you are dreaming of becoming rich, the best place not to go is the stock market. That is of course, unless you are highly knowledgeable about trading and educated on how to use stock market tips. The stock market is highly volatile and understanding the stock market before investing is essential. Learn to interpret stock information

Stock Market Performance History – How To Use It For Trading?

Stock Market PerformanceThe stock market performance is followed by millions of traders around the world, but can past performance indicate future potential? For most experts the answer is yes, and performance history has a tendency to repeat when the stocks involved represent solid companies. Stock market timing is one strategy that closely examines past and current stock performance. Identifying market strengths and weaknesses can be done using past stock market performance charts and graphs, and this will help you understand the market better and make more successful trades. The stock market and the economy usually run in cycles, and looking at similar cycles from the past can help you predict current market moves more accurately.

Top 10 Interesting Facts in Dow Jones Stock Market History

Dow Jones Stock Market 1. The origins of the Dow Jones stock market index first started in the year 1896, when the Dow Jones Industrial average was created by Dow Jones & Company. This was started so that the market success could be tracked on a daily basis.

2. Stock market predictions did not see the crash in 1929 coming. Three of the five biggest drops in this market through history were experienced at the end of October 1929, when the crash shook the entire American economy and many traders committed suicide because of devastating losses.