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Great Penny Stocks – Top 10 Winners!

Great Penny Stocks1. Capital Trust Inc. A, symbol CT- This is one of the great penny stocks in the real estate and finance sectors, and the current price of $3.23 is considered undervalued by many investors and experts in the industry. The market cap for this stock is $69.8 million.

2. IFM Investments Limited ADR, symbol CTC

Awesome Penny Stocks of The Last Decade

Awesome Penny StocksThere have been a number of awesome penny stocks over the last decade, but it is also important to remember that for every winner concerning penny stocks there are many losers. Select Comfort, symbol SCSS, is one such stock. This company saw the stock appreciate in price by more than 2,500% in a single day.

Research Penny Stocks – How To Use Pink Sheets?

Research Penny StocksIf you want to research penny stocks then you will need to understand how to use the pink sheets so you can try to research the potential companies and stocks. The pink sheets have evolved over the years, but these were originally named because the quotes were placed on pink paper. Today knowing how to invest in penny stocks means knowing how to read

Penny Stock Prophet – To Use or Not To Use?

Penny Stock ProphetShould you use the penny stock prophet or not? Does this program work as advertised or is it a money making scam that only profits the program owners? When it comes to penny stocks there are many tools that can be used to help determine which penny stocks are best for your investment situation, and one of these is the prophet software.

What Oil Stocks Are Considered Good To Buy Right Now?

Oil StocksFinding oil stocks to buy is not difficult, and predictions for oil prices during the next year say that this commodity will go up again as the demand increases. Increases in demand are predicted due to emerging markets and the improvement of the American economy. Many oil stocks are considered to be a good buy right now, before the price of oil goes up again.

How To Pick Penny Stocks If You Are A Novice Trader?

How To Pick Penny StocksIf you are new to trading stocks then understanding how to pick penny stocks is crucial unless you are willing to take large risks and deal with a number of losses in the beginning. As a new trader you are probably in the dark about the penny stock trading market, how these investments are traded

Buying Penny Stocks Online – 7 Mistakes To Avoid!

Buying Penny Stocks1. Never Pay For Penny Stock Tips- Buying penny stocks means doing the necessary research and comparisons, and some investors will try to take a shortcut and pay for stock tips instead. This is a big mistake that can be very costly. There are some penny stocks companies that will try to manipulate the stock price by including the stock in a list of paid stock tips.

Hot Penny Stocks – What Is Hot On Microcap Stock Market?

Hot Penny StocksHot penny stocks are all over the Internet, and for many investors these stocks may be an excellent choice. Penny stocks are also frequently called microcap stocks, and right now there are several which have perked the interest of investors. One of these is Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., symbol ARNA. This stock is currently trading at $2.14 per share

Daily Penny Stock Picks – Secrets of Successful Day Traders

Daily Penny Stock PicksUsing daily penny stock picks and day trading strategies can be a winning combination for some investors, but what are their secrets? Successful day traders may use a number of tools, resources, and strategies to achieve the desired results. A day trader is a trader who looks for short term gains, and these investors usually do not hold stock overnight.

Sub Penny Stock Picks Promise Huge Gains in 2012

Sub Penny Stock PicksSome of the sub penny stock picks chosen by many investors and experts show the promise of huge gains in 2012, and this prediction is based on many factors. As the economy rebounds the entire stock market is expected to pick up and this will cause many companies and stocks to increase in value. Another factor is the large number of start ups

Free Penny Stock Picks – What Hides Behind Word Free?

Free Penny Stock PicksAds for free penny stock picks cover the Internet but are these websites and chosen stocks legitimate or a big scam? The answer depends on many factors, and these include who is providing the stock tips, whether the source has any conflict in this advice, and what the reasoning is behind the chosen stocks as well as other relevant factors.

Best Penny Stock Picks 2012

Best Penny Stock PicksThe best penny stock picks for 2012 may be different for each investor but there are many of these stocks to choose from that are popular for many reasons. One of these is Joe’s Jeans Inc., symbol JOEZ, and this stock is very promising. It has a current price of $1.30, so it will not fit for investors who prefer sub penny stock picks and will not consider stocks over $1

Top 10 Chinese Penny Stocks To Buy

Chinese Penny Stocks1. China Green Energy Industries, Inc- Symbol CGRE.OB- One of the top Chinese penny stocks for a majority of investors in this market is China Green Energy Industries, Inc.

2. China Marketing Media- Symbol CMKM- This is considered one of the hot penny stock picks if China is a desired venue.

5 Best Natural Gas Stocks To Invest In

Best Natural Gas Stocks1. Chevron- Symbol CVX- Chevron is a well known stock in the oil sector, and one of the best natural gas stocks for investors. Towards the end of 2010 the company acquired Atlas Energy, which caused in increase in the natural gas exposure that this company has. Chevron may not have started out as one of the main natural gas drilling companies

Who Does Control Oil Stock Prices Nowadays?

Oil Stock PricesWho is in charge of the oil stock prices today? Is it OPEC, Wall Street, or other entities that control the price fluctuations of oil stocks? Even the best oil stocks to buy can be affected by outside factors, and the price of a stock involves a number of different components. Who sets the price that an oil stock is bought and sold at though?

5 Best Canadian Oil Stocks To Buy

Canadian Oil Stocks1. Canadian Oil Sands-Symbol COSWF- This is one of the Canadian oil stocks and energy investment choices that many investors have been watching. One of the reasons that this Canadian Company is considered a top stock to buy right now is the technology used, because of the potential offered. Not all investors will rate Canada Oil Sands as one of the best oil stocks to buy

7 Interesting Facts About Crude Oil Stock Market

Crude Oil Stock1. World events will have a big effect on crude oil stock prices, and the entire market. Wars, civil unrest, and other forms of instability can occur anywhere in the world and impact the price of stock. Canadian oil stocks will be impacted by a war in Siberia, and this is true for any country and any stock in this sector.

2. Even the best oil stocks to buy will experience market fluctuations

Top 10 Factors That May Affect Oil Futures Prices In 2012

Oil Futures 1. The Middle East Political Climate- The price of oil futures in 2012 will be affected by the political climate and unrest in the Middle East. A large amount of oil around the globe comes from this area of the world, and political instability can affect the prices.

2. Lengthy Disruptions In Supply- Whether the investment vehicle is penny oil stocks or futures in this sector

5 Best Oil Stocks To Buy Right Now

Best Oil Stocks To Buy 1. Chevron- Symbol CVX- Many investors name Chevron as one of best oil stocks to buy. This company is well known, with a proven history and track record. Chevron is one of the biggest oil companies in the USA, and is named as one of the top oil stocks for reasons that include past performance, current projects, and numerous others.

Top 10 New Stocks To Invest In

New Stocks To Invest In 1. Invensense, Inc.-symbol INVN- This is one of the new stocks to invest in according to a number of investors and financial experts. This company specializes in semiconductors, and is expected to do good things.

2. WageWorks, Inc.-symbol WAGE- This is considered one of the cheap stocks to invest in right now, but this may not always be the case.