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Uranium Stocks Investment – Profitable or Not?

Uranium StocksEven with the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan during the 2011 Tsunami and the subsequent discussion about closing down nuclear energy plants worldwide, the fact remains that global countries are searching for renewable energy sources. Nuclear energy is sustainable, economically feasible and when the waste is managed;

Commodity Trading – Is It Still Hot On A Stock Market?

Commodity TradingCommodity trading indicates goods that have a universal price. Gold has the same price per ounce in the United States, Great Britain and Bombay. A barrel of oil rates the same price globally, and agricultural commodities trade at similar prices. Commodities take on many different physical forms so they are classified as a group based on value and how they are traded.

Silver Stocks To Buy – How They Stand Vs.Other Commodities?

Silver StocksThere are many silver stocks available, but how do these stand up to other commodities as an investment instead? Silver is very popular as an investment, and the price of all precious metals have seen fantastic increases in the recent 2 years, but this is true of most other commodities as well. Food, energy, and other commodities have all risen, and a commodity trading broker can offer recent price information about these sectors.

Top 10 Gold Stocks 2011

Gold Stocks 1. New Gold-symbol NGD-Exchange: AMEX- New Gold is one of the top gold stocks for 2011. The company has seen significant increases already, and is predicted to continue to succeed.

2. Northgate Minerals-symbol NXG-Exchange: AMEX- Northgate is a leader in gold and silver stocks

Top 10 Secrets of Commodity Trading Broker

Commodity Trading Broker 1. Keep Emotions Outside Of Trading- A commodity trading broker understands that emotions interfere with successful trading, and they avoid any emotional input when trading. Market swings due to emotion will occur, but the straight headed investor can take advantage of these times.

Chinese Steel Stocks – How Do They Perform In Today’s Market?

Steel StocksChinese steel stocks have not performed outstandingly well in the last few years, but they have not generally lost money either. In the last few months these stocks have even seen a significant increase in price, in part because of rising steel prices. General Steel Holdings, Inc., NYSE ticker GSI, is one of only two Chinese steel stocks that are traded on the major market exchanges.

Copper Mining Stocks List 2011

Copper Mining StocksCopper mining stocks are a big hit with investors right now, with some experts predicting that this metal will hit record highs in 2011. All metals are currently at increased prices when the last few years are considered, and this even includes steel stocks as well as gold, silver, copper, and others. There are some excellent choices as far as a copper ETF or stock choice is concerned, and as long as you are willing to do all of the necessary research and evaluations then you should not have any problem finding the right ones for your investment needs.

Best Lithium Stocks To Buy

Lithium Stocks To BuyThe best lithium stocks to buy can include a number of well known names, and companies that have a proven history of success. This metal is used in many different manufacturing processes including batteries, and there are lithium mining stocks which involve companies that mine for the metal.

CAMECO Stock Price – What Factors Affecting It?

CAMECO Stock PriceThe CAMECO stock price dropped in the last few months, but this has started to reverse and the stock has seen the price start to come back. What factors have an affect on this price? One of the biggest is a factor that is affecting all uranium stocks, and that is the partial nuclear meltdown at the reactor in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. CAMECO stock price dropped some immediately after this event, because of all the concerns about nuclear plants in general and a discussion on whether to continue with plans to build new nuclear power plants. Another concern was that with one plant shut down the demand for uranium would lessen some.

Best Uranium Stocks To Buy

Uranium StocksUranium stocks have seen a drop lately, in large part because of the natural disaster in Japan, but these stocks can still be a terrific investment choice in spite of this. There are a number of top quality stocks in this area which are perfect for almost any investor. The Cameco stock price, NYSE ticker CCJ, dipped some but the company is still a solid choice and one of the leader’s in this sector.