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Best Nanotechnology Stocks 2011

Nanotechnology StocksThe best nanotechnology stocks for 2011 can vary, because the investment goals and strategies used by one investor will be different from those used by another. Some of the best choices can be ideal across all of these considerations though, and make a great investment for almost anyone. Cabot Microelectronics Corp., with a symbol of CCMP, is not one of the popular biotech penny stocks, but is still considered a solid investment in the nanotechnology sector. Another of the nanotechnology stocks that is viewed as one of the best by a majority of experts is Amkor Technology, symbol AMKR. This company has very favorable forwards earnings and PEG numbers.

Top 10 Biotechnology Stocks To Buy

Biotechnology Stocks  1. Gentium S.p.A- NASDAQ Symbol GENT- Gentium is considered one of the best biotechnology stocks on the market, and offers a ROE that is terrific. The stock has been rebounding and while not at the 52 week high again yet it is quickly gaining.

2. InterMune Inc.- NASDAQ Symbol ITMN- InterMune has been voted one of the best green energy stocks by a number of investors and advisors. With a yearly ROE of more than five hundred percent it is no shock that this stock is named one of the top ten.