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Benefits of Jumbo Certificate of Deposit

Jumbo Certificate of DepositA jumbo certificate of deposit can offer many different benefits. This type of investment is a very popular choice for money that is not needed immediately but that cannot be placed with riskier investment options because the money will be needed at some point in the future. This type of CD will require a large deposit which is not possible for everyone, but if you have the funds available these investments may be ideal because of the higher yield and many other advantages.

Top 10 Best Jumbo CD Rates in US

Best Jumbo CD Rates 1. USAA Bank 7 Year Jumbo- One of the best jumbo CD rates is the one offered by USAA Bank for the 7 year term. An interest rate of 3,86% makes this CD one that draws attention, and the minimum amount needed is $175,000. Investors with only $95,000 will receive a lower rate that is still exceptional when compared to the national average.

2. Nationwide Bank 5 Year- This bank has one of the top 10 jumbo certificate of deposit rates in the USA at 2.47%. A $100,000 minimum is required to get this rate, and the APY for this CD is 2.50%.

High Yield Certificate of Deposit in Europe

High Yield Certificate of DepositA high yield certificate of deposit in Europe can be an excellent choice, and a better rate of interest may be possible than you can get here in the USA. The very best certificate of deposit rates can be found by depositing your money in a number of European certificates instead of choosing domestic options. This is because the US dollar has an advantage in European financial institutions, and this translates into higher earnings on a high yield certificate of deposit in many cases. There are some risks involved as well though, because the currency conversion rate can change according to market fluctuations.

Best Certificate of Deposit Rates Review

Best Certificate of Deposit RatesGetting the best certificate of deposit rates is important to meet your investment goals, and a general rule is that the longer you are willing to keep your money on deposit the better interest rate you will receive. Extremely large deposits may also receive an interest premium, and the best jumbo CD rates can be significant, but most people can not afford to deposit one hundred thousand dollars or more to take advantage of this. Thanks to the Internet searching for the best certificate of deposit rates can be easy and may not take very much time at all. There are a number of institutions well known for offering higher rates for their CDs.