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Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance By Asset Class

Vanguard Mutual Funds PerformanceVanguard mutual funds performance by asset class can vary widely. This information is very beneficial to investors so that various asset classes can be compared. Money market funds are broken down into two categories: taxable and tax exempt. The Vanguard funds performance for taxable money market funds has been steady

Best Vanguard Mutual Funds – My Secret Top 10 List!

Vanguard Mutual Funds1. Vanguard GNMA Fund Investor Shares, symbol VFIIX- This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that has a top rating of 5 stars. The expense ratio for the fund is just 0.21% and the fund has performed well over the last decade. The minimum investment amount needed for the fund is $3,000, and the yield offered is 3.15%.

Vanguard Funds Performance Review – Are They Still Strong?

Vanguard Funds PerformanceA review of the Vanguard funds performance may cause concern for some investors, but elation for others. Are the Vanguard funds still going strong, or are these investments a poor choice right now with the economic uncertainty around the globe? A Vanguard mutual funds list will identify many funds offered by Vanguard, and further research will help you determine which of these funds

Vanguard Healthcare Fund – Should I Invest In It?

Vanguard Healthcare FundIs the Vanguard healthcare fund a good investment, or one that should be avoided by most investors? Since every investor has a different strategy, different goals, and various investment objectives this fund will not be ideal for every single investor, but it can be a good choice for many. The fund is offered by one of the most trusted and well respected mutual fund companies possible, which makes it a very popular option.

Vanguard Gold Fund 2011 Performance Review

Vanguard Gold FundHow is the performance for the Vanguard gold fund 2011 so far? This is one of the funds included in the top Vanguard mutual funds list, and it is a popular choice for investors who want exposure to precious metals and mining companies. While almost all stocks and funds have seen a decline in some degree due to the economic uncertainty over the last few years some are still considered a top choice, even if the performance is down.

Top 10 Vanguard Mutual Funds List

Vanguard Mutual Funds List 1. Vanguard Target Retirement Income, Symbol VTINX- This is considered one of the top ten on the Vanguard mutual funds list for several reasons. The fund is rated A+ overall, has a four star Morningstar rating, and almost five billion dollars in assets.

2. Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund, Symbol VGPMX- This is a Vanguard gold fund that specializes in precious metals and mining investments.

Vanguard Energy Fund VGENX Review

Vanguard Energy FundThe Vanguard energy fund is offered by the Vanguard fund family, and this is a name that is known and trusted in the investment world. This is considered an equity energy fund, and it is one of the top choices on the Vanguard mutual funds list. More than fourteen billion in assets means that this fund is well established, and it has a five star Morningstar rating, which is the highest rating possible. Many investors choose the Vanguard energy