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Dividend Paying Mutual Funds – Which One To Choose?

Dividend Paying Mutual FundsWhen it comes to dividend paying funds which ones are best, and what should you look for? Conservative investors often choose funds that offer dividends and have for decades. This sector has also started attracting younger individuals as well, because of the income stream that these investments offer.

7 Reasons To Invest in Global Mutual Funds

Global Mutual Funds1. Increased Investment Exposure – Investing in global mutual funds will increase the exposure of the investor, and usually offers more benefits and advantages. Investors who stick solely with American stocks, bonds, and other investment choices could be missing out because of limited exposure in the portfolio. If the American economy reacts unpredictably or the entire market falls then investors who do not have foreign exposure could see much higher losses.

Are International Mutual Funds Worthy Investment?

International Mutual FundsInternational mutual funds and global funds are not interchangeable terms as some investors would have your believe. Global funds include worldwide trading whereas international ones do not include the country of origin, or in this case all mutual funds except American funds. To keep international funds as well as all mutual funds viable

Different Types of Mutual Funds Explained!

Types of Mutual FundsThere are many different types of mutual funds and new investors may become confused or lost quickly if these fund types are not understood. The variety of fund types can cover a wide range. The basic fund types listed and what these funds do can help investors make the right fund choices for their investment portfolios.

Top 10 Global Mutual Funds

Global Mutual Funds 1. Wells Fargo Advantage Global Opportunities A, symbol EKGAX- Global mutual funds can be a great investment, and this fund from Wells Fargo is a top global choice whose goal is capital appreciation. The five year annualized return for the fund is over six percent, and small to mid cap companies are the preferred holdings.

Top 10 Diversified Mutual Funds

Diversified Mutual Funds 1. T. Rowe Price Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund-Symbol PRDSX- One of the top diversified mutual funds, the T. Rowe Price Diversified Small Cap Growth Fund offers exceptional diversity and top rated small cap holdings in the fund portfolio.

2. MainStay Diversified Income A- Symbol MASAX- While Mainstay diversified is not classified as one of the tax free mutual funds, there may be some tax advantages for some investors. A high one year return and good rating are both reasons why this fund was chosen.

Top 10 Financial Mutual Funds

Financial Mutual Funds 1. Prudential Financial Svcs A, PFSAX- Finding the best financial mutual funds is crucial to your investment success, so you want a name you can trust. This fund by Prudential has a five star rating, showing it is one of the top ten.

2. Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares, VGSIX- Vanguard has one of the top REIT mutual funds found anywhere. The initial investment needed is only three thousand dollars, and the fund receives high ratings in many categories.

Top 10 Balanced Mutual Funds List

Balanced Mutual Funds 1. Transamerica Balanced A- Ticker IBALX- Transamerica offers one of the top ten balanced mutual funds, with the fund goal of capital appreciation. Common stocks and equity securities make up a large part of the fund portfolio.

2. JHancock2 Lifestyle Balanced 5- Ticker JHLAX- This is not one of the tax free mutual funds but it has a number of benefits just the same which make it a top fund to consider. The latest one year return figures show the fund offered more than sixteen percent to investors.

Top 10 Tax Free Mutual Funds

Tax Free Mutual Funds 1. JP Morgan Intermediate Tax Free Bond Fund A, JITAX- JP Morgan offers some of the best tax free mutual funds possible for many investors. Over five billion in assets and a yield of more than two percent, this fund also offers tax benefits for a lot of people.

2. T. Rowe Price California Tax-Free Bond Fund, PRXCX- A four star Morningstar rating and a decent return make this one of the top diversified mutual funds if you are looking for tax advantages.

Best Healthcare Mutual Funds

Healthcare Mutual FundsFinding the best strong>healthcare mutual funds is important, so that you can minimize your risks while maximizing your returns. What are the best funds in this sector though? One is Eaton Vance Worldwide Health Sciences A, symbol ETHSX, which involves both domestic and foreign holdings. This is one of the socially responsible mutual funds that can offer a yield while improving the health field and industry. The minimum investment amount for this fund is one thousand dollars, and the expense ratio is slightly more than two percent. Another of the top healthcare mutual funds is the Fidelity Select Medical Delivery, symbol FSHCX. This fund has an annualized ten year return of more than ten percent.

5 REIT Mutual Funds To Own in Your Portfolio

REIT Mutual Funds 1. Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares- Symbol VGSIX- REIT mutual funds are very popular right now, and one of the top picks by experts in this area is the Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares. This is known as one of the best investments, even rated better than a number of financial mutual funds. If portfolio diversification is the goal this fund can also deliver on this as well.

2. Pimco Real Estate Real Return Fund- Symbol PETAX- One of the top REIT mutual funds is this offering from Pimco, a name known and trusted in the investment world. While it does offer some tempting returns this fund is not very diversified. A maximum return strategy and variable holdings help this fund achieve a top five rating.

Top 10 Best International Mutual Funds

Best International Mutual FundsIn the market of mutual funds a lot of investors tend to try their luck with international mutual funds vs domestic ones betting on better ROI for a stocks performing in the world arena. We compiled a list of top ten international funds to consider for your investment goals:

Top 10 Emerging Markets Mutual Funds

Emerging Markets Mutual Funds 1. Vanguard Emerging Market Stock Index (VEIEX) – This fund is one of the few emerging markets mutual funds which has more than sixty billion in assets and no load fees, making it an excellent choice for some investors. A minimum investment of three thousand dollars is required.

2. Eaton Vance Parametric TX-MGD EM MKTS I (EITFX)- This fund is one of the top no load mutual funds that invests in emerging markets and offers diversified holdings. Assets for the fund are valued at over two and a half billion dollars, and it has a five star rating.

Best Foreign Bond Funds To Invest In

Foreign Bond FundsForeign bond funds can be an excellent choice for some investors, because these funds can offer an opportunity to invest in foreign markets and governments without the need to thoroughly research each holding individually. Bond index funds offer a diverse mix of funds in a portfolio that attempts to simulate a specific market index. One top choice of foreign bond funds for some investors includes ING Global Bond I, ticker symbol IGBIX. This fund holds more than half a billion dollars in assets, and has a yield which is above five and a half percent. With these numbers it is easy to see why many investors choose this fund as one of the best.

Top 10 Large Cap Mutual Funds

Large Cap Mutual Funds 1. Schwab 1000 Index ( SNXFX) – This is one of the large cap mutual funds which offers low fees and a minimum investment amount of only one hundred dollars. Some of the top holdings for this mutual fund include Apple, Microsoft, Exxon, and other well known companies.

2. DGHM All Cap Value Investor (DGHMX) – This fund combines holdings from all cap levels, and is considered a blend of large, medium, and small cap mutual funds combined into one. A five star Morningstar rating and more than seventy eight million dollars in assets make this a good investment for many individuals.

Money Market Mutual Fund Rates – Why Are They So Low?

Money Market Mutual Fund RatesOne of the biggest questions that many investors have is why are money market mutual fund rates so low right now? This is not just a current problem, the rates have been extremely low since the 2008 economic problems, and even the best performing mutual funds are not seeing much of a return on their investment. Determining why the money market mutual fund rates are so low and have been that way for some time is important, so that steps can be taken to resolve this problem if possible. The cause of this issue goes directly to the federal fund rate, which is determined by the Federal Reserve.

Top 10 Mid Cap Mutual Funds

Mid Cap Mutual FundsMid cap mutual funds specialize on companies with market capitalization brackets between $2 billion and $10 billion; however, that is a very broad definition that is subject to change over time and even from one brokerage firm to another. A savvy investor understands that including multiple market cap stocks is the basis of a solid well-diversified investment portfolio. Why does it matter so much and why do you need to pay attention to whether it’s a mid cap or small cap mutual fund?

Top 10 Small Cap Mutual Funds

Small Cap Mutual FundsSmall cap mutual funds are investor pools that specialize in stocks of companies with market capitalization of $2 billion and under. The mere definition of “small cap” is rather loose and may vary from one financial institution to another and change with time.

Small cap companies are very attractive for mutual fund investors because of their potential to grow into a larger cap group and provide its investors with big returns over a period of time.

How to Find Best Money Market Mutual Fund Rates?

Money Market Mutual Fund RatesMoney market mutual funds are the most liquid short term investment mechanism in today’s market. The main goal of buying mutual funds is making your cash work for you instead of just sitting in your savings account earning measly interest rates. Money market mutual fund rates are higher than savings account interest rates offered by most banks making money market funds a very desirable method of storing money for businesses and individuals.

Top 10 Aggressive Growth Mutual Funds

Aggressive Growth Mutual FundsAggressive growth mutual funds by definition are usually the best rated mutual funds that make their priority to focus on high risk-high return investments to gain the most profits in the shortest period of time. Aggressive growth mutual funds are historically known to bring unsurpassed gains during economic growth periods and big losses during economic downturns.

Please keep on reading to find out which Top 10 aggressive growth mutual funds are worth considering including in your portfolio.

1. Pin Oak Aggressive Stock (POGSX) mostly includes domestic high promising stocks in its stock portfolio and displayed impressive growth of 18.21% over the last year. POGXS belongs to a no load mutual funds group, so you will not have to pay brokerage charges in order to buy it.