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Dividend Paying Mutual Funds – Which One To Choose?

Dividend Paying Mutual FundsWhen it comes to dividend paying funds which ones are best, and what should you look for? Conservative investors often choose funds that offer dividends and have for decades. This sector has also started attracting younger individuals as well, because of the income stream that these investments offer.

Energy Mutual Funds – Oil, Natural Gas, or Biofuel?

Energy Mutual FundsWhen it comes to energy mutual funds there are a number of choices and sectors available. Many funds invest in oil, others choose natural gas. Some funds and investors put their capital in the biofuel sector, and a number of funds are blended so that two or even all 3 of these energy sectors are covered in a single investment vehicle. Every investor is different, and the perfect sector and fund choice for one may be the worst possible choice for another.

7 Reasons Why Investing in Mutual Funds Still Worth The Risk

Investing in Mutual Funds1. Fast Diversification – Investing in mutual funds can help with diversification efforts. Because each fund has many holdings in the portfolio choosing the right fund can help any investor increase the diversity of their holdings. Some mutual funds may be very heavy in a single sector while others are more evenly spaced across many asset classes and sectors. When the right choice of funds is made the investor can benefit from a portfolio that is much more diverse and that will help manage risks.

Advantages of Using Closed End Fund Screener

Closed End Fund ScreenerWhat is a closed end fund and what advantages will a screener for this type of fund offer? This type of fund is frequently called a CEF, and it is an investment company which is publicly traded on the markets. With most mutual fund types shares are issued and redeemed but CEFs do not follow this method. These funds are treated like individual companies instead and are traded more like common stock offerings on the market.

7 Reasons To Invest in Global Mutual Funds

Global Mutual Funds1. Increased Investment Exposure – Investing in global mutual funds will increase the exposure of the investor, and usually offers more benefits and advantages. Investors who stick solely with American stocks, bonds, and other investment choices could be missing out because of limited exposure in the portfolio. If the American economy reacts unpredictably or the entire market falls then investors who do not have foreign exposure could see much higher losses.

Are International Mutual Funds Worthy Investment?

International Mutual FundsInternational mutual funds and global funds are not interchangeable terms as some investors would have your believe. Global funds include worldwide trading whereas international ones do not include the country of origin, or in this case all mutual funds except American funds. To keep international funds as well as all mutual funds viable

Does Inclusion of Commodity Funds in My Portfolio Hedge The Risk?

Commodity FundsCommodity funds are direct proof of holdings that may be backed up by physical products. In other words, if you are holding gold mutual funds backed up by stored gold bullion, you have a commodity fund. Holding commodity papers are much more convenient that storing physical deliveries of corn, hogs, oil or any other disposable commodity

Best Vanguard No Load Mutual Funds

Vanguard No Load Mutual FundsVanguard no load mutual funds come in all sizes, shapes, and types. There are a number of these funds that are highly rated by financial experts and investors alike. The Vanguard Dividend Growth Inv Fund, symbol VDIGX, is often rated as one of the best funds from this fund family. It has 4 stars from Morningstar and the expense ratio for the fund is 0.39%.

Best Fidelity No Load Mutual Funds

Fidelity No Load Mutual FundsFidelity no load mutual funds are some of the most trusted funds by investors, and Fidelity is a name that is well known in financial circles. This fund family offers some of the best possible funds available with a wide range of features to meet most investment goals. The Fidelity Magellan Fund, symbol FMAGX

No Load Index Funds List

No Load Index FundsThere are many different no load index funds for investors to choose from, and each one will follow a specific index. The most common index followed is the S&P 500 but there are many other indexes as well. One of the best no load mutual funds according to many investors is the Schwab S&P 500 fund, symbol SWPPX.

Vanguard Mutual Funds Performance By Asset Class

Vanguard Mutual Funds PerformanceVanguard mutual funds performance by asset class can vary widely. This information is very beneficial to investors so that various asset classes can be compared. Money market funds are broken down into two categories: taxable and tax exempt. The Vanguard funds performance for taxable money market funds has been steady

Investing In Mutual Funds vs Stocks vs Bonds

Investing In Mutual FundsThe risks and rewards of investing in mutual funds should be compared to those with stock investments and bond options. Each type of investment will have benefits, drawbacks, and specific factors involved that may be right for some investors but all wrong for others. Most mutual fund investors believe that these funds have the most advantages

Top 10 Index Mutual Funds List

Index Mutual Funds1. Vanguard Growth Index Fund, symbol VIGRX- This is one of the index mutual funds that follows the MSCI U.S. Prime Market Growth Index, and for a number of investors this fund is a top 10. The fund portfolio holds mainly blue chip growth stocks and has a total of around $24 billion in assets.

Best No Load Mutual Funds For 2012

Best No Load Mutual FundsWhat are the best no load mutual funds for investors in 2012? The answer may be different for each specific investor but there are some funds which are consistently rated as superior for specific investment goals and strategies. Every investor may have a different ideal no load mutual funds list but many funds will appear on most lists.

Mutual Funds For Dummies: 10 Tricks To Learn

Mutual Funds For Dummies1. Keep Costs Low With Discount Brokers- Mutual funds for dummies can help you understand the basics of mutual fund investing in a short time. One of the tricks to successful investing, whether it is mutual funds, stocks, or other choices, is to keep your costs as low as possible.

Best Vanguard Mutual Funds – My Secret Top 10 List!

Vanguard Mutual Funds1. Vanguard GNMA Fund Investor Shares, symbol VFIIX- This is one of the Vanguard mutual funds that has a top rating of 5 stars. The expense ratio for the fund is just 0.21% and the fund has performed well over the last decade. The minimum investment amount needed for the fund is $3,000, and the yield offered is 3.15%.

Top 10 No Load Mutual Funds List of The Last Decade

No Load Mutual Funds List1. USAA Precious Metals and Minerals, symbol USAGX- This is an obvious choice for the no load mutual funds list for top performers. The 10 year annualized return for USAA Precious Metals and Minerals fund is an incredible 19.23%. No load fees, average expenses, and assets worth close to 2 billion all make this fund a top 10.

Different Types of Mutual Funds Explained!

Types of Mutual FundsThere are many different types of mutual funds and new investors may become confused or lost quickly if these fund types are not understood. The variety of fund types can cover a wide range. The basic fund types listed and what these funds do can help investors make the right fund choices for their investment portfolios.

Mutual Funds Ratings – What To Pay Attention To?

Mutual Funds RatingsWhen evaluating mutual funds ratings what should you pay attention to? These ratings provide an overview of the fund for specific factors, such as quality and risk among other factors. Not all ratings are the same, and there are different types of ratings and rating companies. Morningstar is one company that rates all types of mutual funds and other types of investments, including stocks and bonds.

Top 10 Hot Picks By Seasoned Mutual Fund Investors

Mutual Fund Investors1. Fidelity Contrafund, Symbol FCNTX- Many experienced mutual fund investors choose this Fidelity offering. The large growth goal of the fund and four star Morningstar rating both make this an attractive option.

2. Vanguard Total International Stock Index, Symbol VTIAX-