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Is Good Credit Score Really Making Any Differene In Loan Approval?

Good Credit ScoreIs a good credit score really necessary? This may seem like a strange question, but the answer is a definite yes. You may not receive a loan approval with a poor credit score and if you are approved your interest rate will be high. Generally, a good credit score is 700 or above which will provide you with the credit you need and at a reasonable interest rate.

How To Avoid “Free Credit Report” Scam Websites?

Free Credit ReportFree credit report scam websites are all over the place and understanding how to avoid these scams is essential. Since 2005 every citizen in the USA is legally entitled to receive a free credit report from all 3 major credit reporting agencies annually. This allows you to verify your credit report for any errors or mistakes that need to be corrected and monitor for any fraud or identity theft as well.

Top 10 Fast Credit Score Repair Tips

Credit Score Repair1. Pay Down Your Credit Card Balances- One of the best methods of fast credit score repair is to pay down the balance on any credit card accounts that you have.

2. Ensure The Credit Limits Listed Are Correct- Your available credit limits and balances can affect your score.

Insufficient Credit History – How To Obtain A Low Rate?

Insufficient Credit HistoryIf you have insufficient credit history is it possible to obtain a low interest rate when applying for a loan or other type of credit? Yes, when you know how to do this and some of the secrets that can make it happen. Credit cards for college students can offer excellent terms and rates, and help you build up the credit history that you want and need for lower rates in the future.

Credit Reporting Agencies Fraud Alert Feature Review

Credit Reporting AgenciesCredit reporting agencies offer a fraud alert feature which has advantages if your identity has been stolen or fraudulently used, but how well do these actually work? Consumers have a legal right to a free yearly credit report, to monitor their credit and ensure there are no erroneous or fraudulent entries. If there is any suspected fraud you can place

Top 10 Free Yearly Credit Report Benefits

Free Yearly Credit Report1. Monitor Your Accounts- A free yearly credit report allows you to monitor your credit report and information, so that any unusual activity is noticed much sooner. This can help prevent identity fraud or large amounts of fraudulent debt that can ruin your credit.

2. Prevent Errors On Your Credit Report-