Best Municipal Bond Funds 2011

Best Municipal Bond FundsThe best municipal bond funds for 2011 will depend on the individual investor, but there are many of these funds which will work well for a majority and that fit in with many strategies and investment goals. Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax Exempt, symbol VWITX, is one of the top tax free municipal bond funds. This fund is considered one of the best because of the high credit rating, top quality of the bonds held by the fund, and the fund performance. The fund expenses are roughly one fifth of one percent, and the fund yield has been superior. All of these are reasons why this fund is often called one of the best municipal bond funds possible right now.

DFA Intermediate Government Fixed-Income I, symbol DFIGX, is another top choice. This fund is a no load fund, and the minimum investment amount is five hundred dollars. Regardless of municipal bond prices this fund is considered a winner by many financial advisors, and it has offered a terrific return in the past. Another one of the best municipal bond funds is the AHA Limited Maturity Fixed-Income N, symbol AHALX, for investors who want a short term choice. This fund is also a no load option, and while the price has seen some decline in the current financial market this is true of all the other fund choices as well. The many types of municipal bonds mean that every investor should evaluate each fund choice carefully before making a final decision.

Pimco Emerging Local Bond D, symbol PLBDX, is another top name mentioned when the best municipal bond funds are being discussed. This fund is considered riskier than many domestic choices, but it has a good earnings reputation and it is offered by a trusted investment firm. Some investors may choose bond index funds as the best choice, others may prefer emerging markets, and still others may choose to invest in funds which only have USA holdings.

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